Design a poster for Truth & Salvage Co. embodying the essence of the T&S song “Rise Up.” Incorporate the essence of “Rise Up” and its lyrics, Put a little love in it, put a little faith in it, put a little hope in your heart, rise up and let the sun shine down on you.

Truth & Salvage Co. will be on tour this Fall to promote their debut record that Rolling Stone claims “spells out the modern trials of peace and love.” Produced by Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, the T&S record has received much acclaim since it’s release in May 2010. As a gesture of thanks, the band wants to create a poster to give to the radio stations and venues that have shown Truth & Salvage love, and to commemorate the tour. Along with the poster the radio stations will receive the T&S single “Rise Up” and two other never before released tracks.

You could win $300.

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