The members of North Carolina’s Truth & Salvage Co. are blessed as well, each of the four who sing possessing steely tenor voices that blend exquisitely in their music that carries the country-rock torch of the Flying Burrito Brothers and Poco.

Of course they too were smart enough to take the raw materials life dealt them and join with others who could share in the mission.


One of Sunday’s standout sets came early in the afternoon: L.A.-based Truth & Salvage Co., in their second Stagecoach appearance,  kicked off the Palomino Stage proceedings with a strong batch of Americana-leaning tunes from last year’s self-titled debut. Produced by Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes and featuring contributions from Luther Dickinson and Katy Perry, it brings to mind the best of the Band and the Jayhawks — especially when the four members harmonize together and trade off on lead vocals.

Onstage, the guys were even more earthy and transcendent, most notably during a rustic “Heart Like a Wheel,” “Welcome to L.A.” (my first accordion sighting of the fest), piano-led “101″ (another California-themed travelogue), the breezy, optimistic jam “Rise Up” and the emotional vocals of  “Jump the Ship.” But the gospel-leaning finale, “Pure Mountain Angel,” provided the most goosebumps-inducing moment, when four of the guys combined their voices with only piano accompaniment. Leon Russell, who appears on the same stage later tonight, watched half the set from the wings. No surprise there: this band is definitely one to keep an eye on in the future.





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